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Vitamin D3 Spray
Packing:- (25 ml)(Spray Bottle)
Indications:- Keep bones & muscle healthy

  • Each spray contains:
    Vitamin D3 400 IU

    Vitamin D3 spray is essential to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, and is especially important for children's development also. Vitamin D3 is responsible for a number of functions within the body. It helps regulate calcium, ensuring it enters the bone to maintain healthy bones and teeth. It supports a healthy immune system, protecting the body from illnesses such as the common cold and plays a fundamental role in ensuring normal muscle function.

    An oral spray method of vitamin D supplementation can provide the same rate of improvement in vitamin D levels as compared to pills.

    This spray is easier to take for those people who cannot or do not like taking pills, capsules, or any other dosage form. This is also especially useful for those who experience difficulty in swallowing tablets.


    ⇛ Easy to use vitamin D3 spray
    ⇛ Aids a healthy immune system
    ⇛ Active formula that is easily absorbed into the system
    ⇛ Ideal for people who get minimal exposure to sunlight
    ⇛ Boosts your energy levels and helps you combat the weakness
    ⇛ Help strengthen bones and muscles
    ⇛ Promoting healthy teeth
    ⇛ Regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management
    ⇛ Helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

    About Formula

    This spray contains Cholecalciferol is also known as Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin that is required for the regulation of the minerals calcium and phosphorus found in the body and it is vital for keeping bones and teeth healthy.
    It's difficult for people to get enough vitamin D through their diet, and during the winter the sun isn't strong enough to help the body boost its levels, so this spray is key in absorbing calcium to maintain bone health and strengthen your bones. It also helps support a healthy brain, heart, teeth and lungs. Vitamin D3 keeps your immune system strong and can help regulate insulin levels. It keeps your energy levels up and enhances your mood, too.
    Cholecalciferol is the raw form of the nutrient that humans obtain through exposure to sunlight. It is the form the nutrient takes after it has been processed for use by the body.

    Side Effects

    The product is possible safe for most adults. There is no disadvantage associated with the product if taken under the recommended usage. However, some are: headache, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach.
    If symptoms persist for a longer time, consult your dietician.

    Precaution & Warning

    Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take any single supplement in higher-than-normal doses unless recommended by a health-care provider for special conditions. The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if benefits outweigh the risk.


    Use 4 Spray a day or as directed by the Dietician

    Total Spray

    192 / 25 ml

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