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Terbinafine Dusting Powder
Packing:- (50 g)
Indications:- Antifungal

  • Each Dusting Powder Contains:
    Terbinafine 1% w/w

    Terbinafine belongs to allylamine class of antifungal drugs. It works by weakening the fungal cell membrane. It mainly indicated for the treatment of nail and nail infections. It has longer duration of action and distributes in the cells. It also reduces the risk of liver disorders.


    ⇛ Candidiasis
    ⇛ Onychomycosis
    ⇛ Tinea capitis
    ⇛ Tinea pedis
    ⇛ Sporotrichosis


    Mechanism of Action:

    Terbinafine inhibits the squalene epoxidase thus prevents the formation of ergosterol which results in accumulation of the squalene which further leads to weakening of the fungal cell wall.


    Absorption: It is absorbed orally
    Protein Binding: It is 99% bound to proteins
    Metabolism: It undergoes hydroxylation and N-demethylation
    Excretion: It is excreted via urine

    Side Effects

    ⇛ Headache
    ⇛ Rashes
    ⇛ Diarrhoea
    ⇛ Stomach upset
    ⇛ Itching
    ⇛ Nausea
    ⇛ Change in taste


    ⇛ Contraindicated in liver disease
    ⇛ Contraindicated in people with allergic to it

    Drug Interaction

    ⇛ Fluconazole
    ⇛ Ketoconazole
    ⇛ Cimetidine
    ⇛ Amiodarone

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